Wednesday, 19 September 2012

It’s a key instruction every yoga student knows.  Don’t eat a big meal before practicing.  It’s spelled out for us trainees in our manual, too… 

With this in mind, I can’t really explain why I thought that mid-morning Dim Sum was a good idea.  I guess my common sense went out the window at the mention of dumplings.  Rookie error. 
Needless to say, a Hatha practice involving lots of squats and standing balances wasn’t really very comfortable.  

Despite this, I felt more connected to the class than I had all week.  Breath integration.  It’s all about breath integration apparently.  It seems to be working. 

Today’s practice focused heavily on back bends in preparation for a series of instructions on the asanas for a Vinyasa; Plank, Cobra (Bhujangasana) and Upward-facing Dog (Urdu Mukha Svanasana).  Did you know there’s no Sanskrit word for Plank?  We modern Western yogis made it up.  Probably because we got tired of doing Chaturanga. 

Check out this Shape model

Except I don’t practice Upward Dog with my toes tucked under.  When I was finally taught to do it properly by my favourite teacher at Corepower Yoga in Sherman Oaks, she instructed toes tucked under so that’s how I do it.  Teach what you practice. 

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