Sunday, 23 September 2012

I’m really lucky to get to practice at the Semperviva Granville Island studio three times a week.  Perched at the top of the island, it overlooks False Creek, Downtown Vancouver and the house boats that line the water.  The island if full of terrible temptations to yogis who are supposed to be focusing on a healthy diet and lifestyle...

Those last days of summer I was enjoying last week seem to be gone.  Fall is officially here.  So really, a day of Sun Salutation A seemed to be rubbing it in a little. 

I’d been feeling a little less confident about my teaching skills after Wednesday night’s session when I had a bit of a set back with one of the more… head strong students in the class.  I was supposed to be teaching her the transition from Plank to Upward Facing Dog, but when I told her to press the tops of her feet into the mat, push into the floor and straighten her arms, pressing into UD, she looked up at me and said ‘Oh.  I wasn’t expecting that.’  What?  What did she think we were doing?  The teachers' instructions had been fairly clear about what it was we were supposed to be teaching.

Student:  You’re missing a cue or something. 

Me: Okay, what do you think I could have said instead?

Student: I don’t know.  It was just missing something. 

Me: Okay….

Our Sun Salute A group teaching session was much more successful.  All three people I paired with were really responsive and helpful at offering advice, so I’m back on the wagon I think.  

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