Monday, 24 September 2012

If you can make a commitment to be a little easier on yourself, I am certain you will enjoy your practice more.
~ Rolf Gates

Sunday afternoon, a long practice involving a bucket-load of lunges and Chair, followed by two hours of studying Sun Salutation B and my knees were protesting.  Protesting loudly.  My right knee in particular started clicking and cracking obscenely.  In a quiet room full only of the sound of YTT students breathing as they move through postures, a cracking knee is like a cymbal being dropped in a museum. 

When did this start?  My knees don’t usually crack.  Is my body just on overload with practicing so much yoga every day?  Do I need to pump my omega-3 levels?  Am I getting old?!  I’m only 28 for heaven’s sake, I’m too young to be falling apart already. 

On a positive note, as a part of my attempts to let go of my ego and focus on my own practice, I did something I never, ever do unless forced – I set up on a mat at the front of the class.  I’m a safe-in-the-middle sort of yogi.  I don’t like to be right at the back, or at the front, but huddled in the centre of things.  During our Sun B marathon, I was glad of my leap to the top of the class.  For the majority of the practice, I couldn’t see what other people were doing.  I started a love affair with the front wall and it was beautiful.  Me and the wall, hanging out in Tree.  Me and the wall, sweating through an endless Warrior 1.  Me and the wall, trying not to be distracted by the cute boys on the roof patio of one of the house boats beside the studio.  Me and the wall, taking on a 1 ½ hour class based around Surya Namaskara B.

Last night, I got home and climbed up the stairs to my second floor apartment.  My right knee cracked on every step.  Sigh. 

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