Sunday, 30 September 2012

When I was studying human biology in high school, it was a joke between a girlfriend and I that the clock on the wall of the classroom always seemed to be ticking backwards.  For at least a portion of our 12.5 hour marathon of anatomy over the last three days of teacher training, it often felt like time was standing still.  Learning about human anatomy as a yoga teacher is super important – super, super-dooper important.  I’m not denying it.  But sitting on the floor of a yoga studio for 5 hours at a time is a hell of a task, no matter how crucial the information you’re supposed to be absorbing. 

So, between basic directional terms (anterior, posterior) and basic movements (flexion, extension), there was a bit of staring out the window.  Between the skeletal system and bone structure, there was a lot of arranging and rearranging myself on bolsters and blocks and cushions.  And somewhere during muscle anatomy I was definitely distracted by terrible, terrible, streaky fake tan on the feet and ankles of the woman sitting in front of me.  I rallied around the nervous system and breathing, I think.  I was awake for Wolf’sLaw, that was cool.  And reciprocal inhibition, that’s definitely worth knowing about.  Just don’t ask me about proprioception…yikes. 

Fortunately our instructor was a bit of a character so it wasn’t completely hum drum.  At one stage he was talking about nasal irrigation (as you do, I’m not entirely sure how he came to the point) and mentioned his own teacher training which sounded rather more intense than ours, including the fact that their diet was so strict and so clean, their urine was so neutral that they used it for their own nasal irrigation…….. BLEKKKKK!!!!  There was a collective groan of disgust from the class.  Of course someone had to ask if they used their own urine, or somebody else’s.  “No!” he cried, “You never use someone else’s urine!”  
Thank God I didn’t choose a YTT program which involved going out into the middle of nowhere, living off brown rice and flushing out my nasal passages with my own urine.  Not to mention putting me off the idea of nasal irrigation for life…

Check out our anatomy guru Kreg in action -

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