Thursday, 11 October 2012

When grounded in non-stealing, all kinds of jewels appear for him.
Yoga Sutra 2.37

Happy days, a different teacher for Wednesday night power vinyasa!  We had a great practice with Danielle Hoogenboom of Love Light Yoga (  I don’t normally trust people with dreadlocks, but for Danielle, I’m willing to make an exception. 


Meanwhile, after class our yamas exploration continues… this week featuring Asteya, or non-stealing.  This philosophy applies to taking anything which is not freely given; belongings, time, energy, attention, etc.  Rolf Gates says “Asteya is an opportunity to let go of poverty consciousness.  We no longer have to believe that if you win, I lose.”

Just like our Ahimsa and Satya days, our homework this week is to write down out observations of our experiences with Asteya, both when we recognise that we’re ‘stealing’ from someone (including ourselves), and when we make an effort to give something. 

Here’s a nice little bit of wisdom from Broga Yoga (from whom I stole the cute pic above…but is it really stealing if I acknowledge where it came from?  Does that make it sharing?  Or borrowing?  This Asteya stuff is hard…) -

Try not to look outside of yourself for things or people or situations to bring you happiness, but rather try and cultivate a sense of that within, through gratitude and contentment for what you already have. 


Meanwhile, things have gotten serious on the decrepit-yogi-falling-apart front..


Yep, that’s my fat white knee hiding under a bag full of ice.  After three very vigorous power classes in three days (including two in one day), it finally cried mercy and threatened to leave me unless I started treating it with respect… Poor knee. 

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