Sunday, 28 October 2012

I worked 50 hours this week.  Understandably (if you ask me), learning about Malasana, or Garland pose, seemed a little bit torturous on a Friday night.  Particularly when I found myself on a mat behind a pair of very, very translucent stockings trying to pass as tights/yoga pants.
But, my squeemishness about getting a good view of someone else's g-string aside...

Malasana is just a squat, but squats aren’t exactly comfortable for adults.  Toddlers squat dozens of times a day, but then they grow up to become adults who only ever squat in a pilates or aerobics class.   We’re lazy, we adults.  We just bend over.  I have pretty flexible Achilles and, until recently, I didn’t have any knee troubles, so squats in yoga never really bothered me, and it’s my favourite place from which to launch into Crow.  Now with my dicky knee, it doesn’t bother me all that much, but if I’m going to be hanging out there for ages, I prefer to sit on a block and widen my feet a bit more. 

For all my exhaustion, it’s time to celebrate.  We’re officially halfway through!  Just 24 more days to go…

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