Monday, 29 October 2012

God called off the 40 day flood and gave us sunshine in Vancouver yesterday.  It was glorious.  But I was in class for five hours so didn’t get to appreciate it as much as I would have liked! 

My mildly over-articulate teaching notes...
This weekend, we had our first session of getting up and teaching the whole class.  Yikes!  Split over two days, we each up and taught one pose, meditation or warm-up.   This was obviously pretty nerve-wracking but also really interesting to watch – in a group of 40 people, it’s obvious straight away who’s a natural public speaker/teacher, and who really has to work on it if they do intend on instructing classes.  I got lumbered with Tree which I wasn’t too thrilled about at first because my balance has been shot the last couple of weeks and I had a vision of falling flat on my face in front of everyone, but on the whole it’s actually one of the best poses I could have got first off because it’s pretty fun to teach.  I lost my words a bit at the beginning for the first 2.89 seconds, but I remember all the cues I needed, and I remembered to mirror (instruct left leg, while demonstrating on the right leg) which I was sure I would stuff up, but by some miracle didn’t.  I didn’t fall over and I got some laughs and smiles so I think I did pretty well.

The second half of the class was dedicated to basic seated poses; Hero, Easy and Staff.  Why on earth didn’t we start off with these?  I guess they wanted to work through standing poses and then head down on to the mat, but it felt weird doing foundational poses halfway through study.  Try instructing someone to do Hero pose – kneel, sit on your heels… Ok, and you’re done.  Maybe throw in a cue to engage core muscles and lengthen the spine.  My nonchalance about the whole thing stems from the fact that these are simple poses for me.  I don’t have tight hamstrings or bad ankles.  Some people find sitting cross-legged or on their feet really uncomfortable and the point of going through these asanas was to demonstrate how to help students with the use of blocks, blankets, straps, etc. 

When we went to teach each other in pairs, I got my partner to roll up a blanket and put it under her ankles in Hero so the tops of her feet and ankles wouldn’t hurt.  Tada!  A useful exercise after all.  

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