Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Where were you when the Chemical Brothers were at the height of their popularity?  I was in high school.  I most definitely was not at a rave.  Fifteen years later and I found myself wearing glow-stick bracelets and bouncing around a yoga studio sweat box, hugging strangers and block rockin’ those beats.  Who needs a Tardis when a few dance anthems of the late 90’s can transport you to a time and place far, far away…

A few hours before hand, I had been on a skype-date with a girlfriend in Victoria.  When I told her I was going to a yoga rave, she looked genuinely concerned for me.  So I was venturing into Gastown, at night, trying to find a hidden doorway to a hidden studio in a dank, dark alleyway…what could possibly go wrong?  It turned out alright.  Soon I was safe inside with a group of YTT girls from Semperviva, strapping on my glow sticks and dancing like a loon.  I don’t need to go to nightclubs any more, I practice yoga.   

I’m going to rave about the concept of Karma Teachers for a moment.  In a time when yoga has become about expensive leggings and trademarked asana series and charging over $20 per class to practice with your yoga community, it’s really heartening to see a group of people giving back to their community, offering classes free or by donation, and encouraging others to share the love.  Yoga shouldn’t only be available to those who can afford it or have the confidence to practice with others.  And I hope that anyone who has gone to the effort and expense of training to be a yoga teacher can find the courage to put money aside in the pursuit of gaining experience as a teacher in a positive community like this one.  That is all.  Rant over.  

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