Friday, 23 November 2012

Let me make something very clear…

‘Yoga Music’ makes me want to take a pick axe to my skull.  I’m not exaggerating.  I actually prefer silence to monotonous, brain-numbing chanting synth music, or clanging sitars and cymbals.  It bores the HELL out of me.  I need music that gives me a lift when I practice.  In a YTT class recently, our teachers were talking about music and advised against playing popular music.  There was mention of “yoga music” CDs… There is no way that’s going to happen.

I’ve had my own playlists for practicing at home for a while but last night (between 3-4.30am really), I started going through my music and writing down songs I thought would be appropriate for teaching classes.  The things you learn about your music collection in the middle of the night…

I kept writing a title down because I loved the song… only to realise that perhaps it wasn’t so appropriate after all. 

Beetlebum?  Awesome, classic Blur, great bass… oh wait… what did he say?  Oh.  That’s quite explicit, isn’t it?  Perhaps sexually explicit songs aren’t a good idea.  So, that pretty much rules virtually anything by Kings of Leon, then.  Sad. 

How about that song I love at the moment by Smoke and Jackal?  It’s about what again?  Going to a motel and… ah, perhaps not. 

Ooh, Paula Cole!  Feeling Love would be great for some leisurely stretching… but yikes… have I ever really listened to the lyrics so closely before?  I’m not sure yoga’s all about THAT type of sticky…
Just recently, I was discussing current radio music with a friend and raging against the popularised sexual innuendo of the Whistle song.  Now I realise just how dirty my music collection is.  I’m a dirty, dirty hypocrite

And then there’s the swearing… you kind of forget about it when it’s plugged into your ears only, right?  That great Plan B cover of Kanye West’s Runaway?  Only if I want to offend ALL of my fellow yogis.  

Don’t get me started on Mark Ronson’s version of Toxic – the frequent use of that N word will definitely not generate peace and love vibes in a North American yoga studio. 
And the drugs!  Comfortably Numb?  God, I love early Scissor Sisters….but no.  No way.  Nyet.  And perhaps Wasted isn’t the best way to introduce Angus and Julia Stone to the yogis of Vancouver. 

So… there’s a lot of sex, swearing and narcotics on my ipod.  Great….

Other surprising, but important discoveries of note;

  • There is a s**t-load of Bowie on my ipod.  Not very helpful. 
  • The majority of music by my favourite bands is not really appropriate, ie old-school Radiohead, Music, The Beatles…  I’ll probably get lynched if I play anything by Lana Del Ray.
  • It occurred to me whilst flicking through my collection that if I heard Coldplay, or anything from a Glee soundtrack in a yoga class, I’d probably feel an overwhelming urge to smack the teacher.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like Coldplay, but do you really want to hear Yellow while you’re in Warrior 2?
  • Nothing from the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack can really be used in a yoga class unfortunately.  
  • Sigur Ros is kind of perfect, but I can never remember which song is which because I can’t pronounce the Icelandic names. 
  • I really don’t have a lot of instrumental music.   

Despite this, I still wrote down 50+ songs I think I can work with on my first pass.  I’m going to spend a disproportionate amount of time on this, I can tell

Karma Crush 1 by Alison Clare Skillen on Grooveshark

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