Sunday, 18 November 2012

 Kids’ yoga is awesome.  I want to teacher kids’ yoga.  I would be happy practicing kids’ yoga.  We spent an hour with Jacqueline Maloney who teaches the kids’ yoga teacher training program at Semperviva. You can now do a 95 hour training towards your 500 hour registration which would be awesome fun.  We partnered up to do a ‘Twist and Shout’ dance session, followed by a yoga story about a hummingbird whose forest home was being destroyed by nasty miners.  At some point, rolling along the floor like a bolder and bashing into my neighbours a couple of times, I decided this would be a good way to spend my day on a regular basis.  I'm a big kid at heart, really.  And beyond that, think of how awesome it would be if more kids learned yoga from a young age?  Think about how a yoga practice could help children overcome symptoms of ADHD, get control over their anger, gain self-esteem, and most importantly, learn how to help others.

Our kids’ yoga taster was followed by… well, not so much a taster, but a shock-and-awe of Mother Earth energy from prenatal yoga teacher Teresa Campbell.  The moment she appeared with her animal-skin drum, I knew we were heading into very different, very rocky terrain.  The prospect of teaching pregnant yogis in a regular class can be a bit daunting because they can’t do a lot of poses as they get bigger and their safety is at the forefront of a teacher’s mind.  With this in mind, I was looking forward to going into more detail about how to help pregnant students.  Standing in a circle, back to back with a partner and shakin’ what our mummas gave us to a tribal beat, it became very clear to me that this wasn’t going to happen.  Sitting down for a brief talk from Teresa, somehow a lot of the conversation turned to a) being a doula, b) doing Kundalini whilst giving birth (in a bath tub) and c) just how awesome prenatal yoga teacher training is.  Okay…. Helpful.  Maybe when I finish paying off my 200 hour training, I’ll think about forking out for prenatal… but only after I’ve done the kids yoga teacher training.

Saturday's class went on FOREVER.  I needed a nap half way through, but that wasn’t really feasible.  Instead we kicked on to inversions.  I’m scared of inversions.  I’m a big scaredy-cat when it comes to being upside down.  Mostly it’s because I worry about my kinky neck.  We spent a lot of time going through Shoulder Stand (Salamba Sarvangasana) and I realised just how badly I’ve been taught it in the past. One teacher I had in Australia, when I asked her how to get up into Shoulder Stand, said “You just… (whirling her finger around in a circle) throw your legs on up”.  No wonder I’ve had a bloody complex about it! 

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