Sunday, 4 November 2012

I’m a Scorpio.  People are tricky about Scorpios.  We’re a bit scary.  And apparently it’s because we’re all about death and sex.  Good-o. 

Our Saturday and Sunday YTT sessions were again replaced with public lectures by Gahl Sasson, who claims that Scorpio’s are going to have to carry the weight of Saturn for the next few years, which means we’ll be dealing with the world’s karma… something to look forward to then. 

I’ve never paid that much attention to astrology; I don’t read horoscopes in magazines or papers, and I couldn’t tell you the dates for any other star sign.  In fact, if you asked me the star signs of my friends and family, I think I could only tell you with absolute certainty that my father is a Scorpio because we share a birthday. When people talk about star signs, I only hear what they tell me about Scorpios.  So when Gahl launched into a 40 minute analogy about star signs on Saturday, all I really remember is that Scorpio is all about death and therefore naturally sex as well, Taurus is a sign that takes without moderation, and Aquarians are all weird because they were aliens in a past life. 

Kabbalah Tree of Life
I was more interested in a brief touch introduction to Kabbalah which I knew nothing about except that Madonna practices it. And there’s red string involved.  Before we went into the Saturday lecture, my also slightly sceptical friend C said, “Is it the one with the aliens?”  I informed her that she was thinking of Scientology (and she ribbed me when Gahl did indeed bring up aliens a few times).   Kabbalah’s an esoteric faith that actually stems from Judaism, inside of which it forms the foundations of mystical religious interpretations.  It defines the nature of the universe and nature and the purpose of existence.  So basically it’s a form of Jewish mysticism.  I really like Gahl’s explanation on his website; “In Hebrew, Kabbalah means “to receive” or “to accept.” This spiritual system teaches us how to receive more light and spiritual energy from God so that we can share it with others.”  It’s closely connected with astrology and tarot too which is why we were studying it in conjunction with learning about star signs.  And all this stuff is circular, because the mysticism and philosophy associated with yoga can be associated with mysticism and philosophy in religions like Kabbalah, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, etc.  You can see the links especially with Kabbalah and the idea of accepting imperfection to become perfect, a strong element of practicing yoga  - I had literally just come from a yin yoga class in which our teacher had been talking about how the place we were in at that time, even if we weren’t in the full expression of a pose, was perfect.  Gahl used a great analogy about oysters, a creature which takes an imperfection (sand inside its shell) and makes it beautiful (a pearl). 

Today’s lecture was about the Alchemy of Relationships.  I don’t think I’m all that wiser now about soul mates etc but as the healthiest relationships are between opposite star signs, apparently I need to date a Taurus, or at least another earth sign.  There was a lot about yin and yang and the balance in relationships, and the importance of recognising opposites.  Gahl also talked about masculine and feminine energies, and how yours need to match your partner’s masculine and feminine energies.  He got us to think of who our heroes were as young children, before sexuality defined our god/goddess imagery, and then suggested that comparing these images was a good way to evaluate a romantic match.  One of the girls in the class said her hero was Pa from Little House on the Prairie and her heroine was Cat Woman.  How did these heroes match with her partner’s heroes.  Another girl’s heroes were Tom Cruise as Maverick in Top Gun and Olive Oyl.  If these two women were dating, would Cat Woman match Maverick?  Or Olive Oyl and Pa?  Or Olive Oyl and Cat Woman?  So basically I need to find a partner whose childhood heroes/gods match the masculine and feminine energy of MacGyver and She-Ra…

I’m completely screwed.     

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