Monday, 24 December 2012

Yesterday afternoon I went to a Power Vinyasa class led by one of my favourite teachers in Vancouver.  He's one of my favourites because he consistently introduces something to the class that I haven't done before or a variation of something old that subsequently becomes new and interesting again.  I'm not normally a big Locust fan because my lower back succumbs easily to excessive pressure but this time around we moved into what my teacher referred to as 'supported Locust'.  It's actually a preparation pose for Inverted Locust and it's awesome for my kinky old lower back because the weight falls into the supporting leg and hip, instead of the lower lumbar area.
Try it:  Lying on your stomach, bring your hands to rest on the floor beneath your shoulders, as if you were going to come into a low Cobra.  Lift your left leg as high as you can, rolling your weight onto the right hip to facilitate this lift. Now bend your right leg, keeping the upper thigh on the floor as you lift your foot to rest at a point on you lifted left leg as a point that's comfortable for you - this will depend on how high you're able to lift that left leg.  Your right foot should be supporting the weight of your left leg.  If you feel like it, you can interlace your fingers beneath your hips, as per the picture above, of leave your hands under yours shoulders if you want to indulge in a gentle upper back bend. 

The idea is that eventually you'll get here....

... maybe next year.  

Or the year after that.  

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