Wednesday, 19 December 2012

As part of our YTT graduation requirements, we had to teach two classes before we could get our grimy hands on our certificates.   On Monday, I headed over to Yogi C’s house, sushi in hand, and taught her a private class in her living room while her cat kept wrapping itself around our legs.  It was a good practice run because she wasn’t afraid to stop and tell me when something didn’t work.  Yesterday, I taught the same flow to a small group in a studio and it went reasonably well I think.  I’m still getting a grasp on fluid mirroring (which I think every good yoga teacher should be able to pull off) but there was only one incident where my students seemed confused so that’s a good sign I guess!  
This morning, I woke up to this....
And then this....

Now what?  Do I trudge through the snow-lined streets of Vancouver, offering yoga classes to the city’s poor, freezing citizens?  Should I hide inside until the storms abate and resurface after a long winter of sleeping and eating nuts?  Or should I take my skills to sunnier climes where my yoga teaching services would be rarer and more readily in demand? 

I should probably get some more practice before I do any of those things.   And go to some more classes.  And write big L’s and R’s on my hands and feet circa 1987 birthday party Twister so that I don’t flub my left and right during flows... 

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