Thursday, 6 December 2012

I’m going to have to change the blog header…. 

No more YTT classes!  All done.  That’s it.  Die Ende.  El fin.  Sfarsit.  Som.  Fim.  Fin.  TECHINICALLY I’m not actually finished because I don’t graduate until I hand in my last assignment and teach two classes, but that will all be done within the next couple of weeks. 

Some great things to come out of YTT…
  • I’ve made some life-long friends;
  • I now have a skill with which I can actually make money...eventually;
  • I’ve learnt a heck of a lot about my body that I didn’t know before;
  • I’ve learnt that the postures are only a small part of yoga and that the entire practice has the potential to influence my whole life, not just my body;
  • I’ve been exposed to some amazing teachers, in every day classes and master workshops.

Some not so great things …
  • I buggered my knee.  I’m not entirely sure it will ever be the same again, but I have no one to blame but myself.  *Sigh*. 
  • There were a lot of aches and pains in general – heat packs on my back for the first few weeks, ice packs on my knee for a few weeks, very tender hip flexors for the last few weeks…
  • I’m still not sure I can teach an entire class.  Ideally I would have liked A LOT more teaching practice throughout the course.  We did a lot of one-on-one, but teaching one person Triangle in a crowded noisy room while 20 other people teach their partner Triangle, isn’t really the kind of practice you need before standing up in front of people in a studio. 

Now what?  As I mentioned, I still have to teach a couple of classes in my own time, and hand in that last mammoth assignment.  Then I will get my certificate and from there I register with Yoga Alliance and get myself some insurance.  Did I mention finding somewhere to teach?  Yikes.  I’ve gotta find some schmucks silly enough to put themselves in my hands first…

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  1. Congrats!

    I started practicing yoga five months ago, after a friend said I should join her at Semper Viva. We were speculating one day on what goes on in their teacher training program, so it was cool to get a "glimpse behind the curtain".

    Hit me up if you want a student to practice on, maybe some of my friends would be interested as well.

  2. Oh ... the Google login didn't identify me. I'm Kevin, FB profile here:

  3. Love your blog <3 I just signed up for YTT :) Can't wait to read back on your entries so I can prep myself for things to come!


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