Saturday, 1 December 2012

Julie Glassberg for The New York Times

I have always loved Friday night YTT sessions because, even when I didn’t feel like it, I really enjoyed our Hatha session with our gorgeous teacher Jacci.  So, when the email went around that our last Friday night YTT class was being moved to the Semperviva City studio to do Kundalini with the masses, I was a little gutted.  I didn’t want to do Kundalini.  My shoulders were still recovering from last week’s antics. 

In preparation for 75 minutes of leaping around in the dark with lots of other sweaty yogis, I consumed an almond croissant, begrudgingly walked through the rain and huffed and puffed a lot about my disgruntlement as we waited to go into class.  About half way through the 11 minute marathon of holding our arms out at shoulder height, I reasoned that I would really like these Kundalini classes if the dancing and bouncing was not interspersed with long periods of torture to my shoulder muscles.   

The whole idea of changing the schedule, our teachers explained afterwards, was so that we could finish off teacher training with a bit of a bang….as we lay prone on the floor in a sweaty mess, panting for breath. 

So now all that’s really left for us to do before we’re officially yoga teachers is hand in one more assignment, practice teach a couple of times, get our certificates, and sign up with Yoga Alliance. I feel like it was yesterday that I was sighing with relief that we were officially half way through classes.  Where did the time go? 

We haven’t even officially finished RYT 200 yet and already people were discussing 500 hours.  Did you know that you have to do your additional 300 hours at ONE school?  I didn’t know that!  It kind of sucks a little, especially for a nomad like me.  What if I do a couple of workshops and extra training and decide to move back to Australia, or back to London, or marry a rich American playboy millionaire and spend the rest of my days practicing yoga in the gardens of his Malibu seaside mansion?  I’d have to start again or keep flying back to Vancouver.  Or Greece.  Not that this would be a tough life, but it would get expensive. 

But we still have two days to go, I haven’t even taught a full class yet, and there’s no point worrying  about it…just yet.  

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