Friday, 11 January 2013

Lessons learnt at lunch yesterday;
1.       I need to stop trusting the ‘random’ setting on Hipstamatic (as you can see); 
2.       It doesn't matter how much I try to change my mind, I hate chickpeas. 

I have been working in the least foodie-friendly area of Fairview where good sushi is a bit of a hike away (in Vancouver, shocking, I know) so I have been heading to Shizen Ya a lot.  I mean, A LOT.  Their whole menu fits  very nicely into my New Year promise to eat more whole foods.  

My camera's battery flat and my ipod repeatedly on the blitz since my housemate's cat ate my charger, I hadn't taken any photographs for a while until I managed to get in a bit of juice in the ipod and took a picture of lunch yesterday.  I've been obsessed with the Shizen Ya brown rice maki but decided to be venturous and order their Keema Curry, which is essentially a chicken curry with ‘5 beans’, one of which I discovered was chickpeas.  I don’t like chickpeas.  It’s hard to say why.  Not their fault of course. Despite the presence of the evil chickpeas, the whole meal, including brown rice, gomae and a green salad was freakin' delicious.  Everything on their menu is with brown rice, not at an extra charge like every other Japanese restaurant.  I seriously recommend their green rolls too. 

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