Friday, 18 January 2013

When I first moved to Vancouver, and people discovered I was Australian, they said one of two things - 
1.  Sorry about the rain;
2.  You must find Vancouver to be so expensive!  

As to the first point, I would simply say that I had lived in London for five years, and generally everyone surmised that I would survive winter in Vancouver.  Also, I am from the most expensive city in Australia, so I know a thing or two about insane expense.  With the most recent West Australian mining boom blowing the cost of living out of proportion, I'm used to spending a lot of money on a meal or a night out.  It's true, Vancouver is not cheap, but at least you can go out for lunch or breakfast for under $15 - even less if you lay off the coffee.  

I want to love Heirloom, I really do.  The menu is creative, the space is lovely, but can they justify their prices?  I think they're really pushing it.  For steal cut oats, tea and a very small tip, I forked out just over $20.  I enjoyed it, but it definitely wasn't worth that much.  But there are plenty more dishes on their menu I want to try - and I'm a sucker - so I'll probably be back.  

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