Sunday, 10 February 2013 
Remember when I started yoga teacher training two days after flying half way around the world?  Clearly I loved the jetlag-induced haze so much that I decided to do it again.  I flew into Perth on Tuesday night and stumbled into the Graduate Certificate of Yoga Therapy program on Friday night.  Module One of the program runs over three weekends, so really it’s a walk in the park compared to when I was doing this every single weekend for three months during YTT. 

The first Friday night three hour session was exactly what you’d expect; a meet and greet session with an overview of the course, including a heads-up on our assignments and class attendance requirements.   The first module is based on understanding Yoga Therapy and its context amongst broader health care.   It’s the second year Yoga Space has run the course which is led by a combination of teachers who specialise in yoga, complimentary medicine, psychology and physiotherapy.  In a big change from the crowd at YTT, there’s only six of us in the class which is really nice because there’s actually a chance to interact with each other and the teacher with no one being left out – there were a few people who really dominated the class in my teacher training, making it difficult for anyone else to speak or ask questions, but I don’t think that will be the case with this class, even though a couple of the women are a little more outspoken.  All of us are yoga teachers with the exception of one woman who is currently completing her YTT now (and I thought I was crazy zipping across the planet for training, she’s doing TWO courses at one time!). 

Unlike YTT where I was handed 50lbs of paperwork and books at our first class, this time around we were simply given a thin spirex binder and a few handouts, including a schedule, details of our assignment, and a series of questionnaires which will compliment out major assignment.  My first major piece of homework?  Filling out a dozen pages of questions about my health and well-being.  Do I forget a person’s name as soon as I’ve been told the first time?  Do I rush through activities without being really attentive to them?  Do I find it difficult to relax?  Do I feel that life is meaningless? Etcetera, etcetera…. Yikes. 

Things I’m really looking forward to about this course;
  •          Gaining a better of anatomy and physiology and how to better recommend yoga asana for people with injuries and pain;
  •          Learning some basics about psychology and physiotherapy – obviously I’m not going to be practicing either, but the idea is that we learn enough to know when to refer our patients to a qualified professional in either field;
  •          Learning about pathology and prescribed drugs;
  •          Creating class plans and treatment protocols which will be really interesting and helpful.

Things I’m NOT looking forward to…

Ok, it’s really only one thing I’m not looking forward to.  Our major assignment for the module is a lifestyle experiment which should ideally involve following a strict vegetarian diet for a month, complimented by asana practice of at least four times a week.   Considering I practice yoga virtually every day, this isn’t going to be a problem for me.  Becoming a strict vegetarian and abstaining from ‘all intoxicants’ (by which they mean alcohol and coffee), is not really something I’m particularly keen on!  The whole idea is that we ‘deepen’ our experience of yoga’s therapeutic effects and then write an essay that experience.  Joy.  Am I going to commit to this completely?  Possibly.  
I’ll think about it.  

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