Sunday, 10 March 2013

I admit it.  I have a pretty dim view of questionnaires.  I have a particularly dim view of Ayurveda questionnaires.  Really?  You can tell my constitution by asking questions about my skin texture and fingernail colour?  Wow.  My previous Ayurveda questionnaire attempts have always listed me as Vata so I was mildly surprised to discover that my latest results during our Friday night GCYT class revealed an equal Vata/Pitta constitution.  Our teacher suggested that it was because I was in a state of upheaval having moved across the world for the second time in six months, and that essentially I was still likely to be Vata.  I suggested it was because no two Ayurveda questionnaires are the same.  That mental block regarding Ayurveda is still alive and well in my mind.  I’m still waiting for my copy of Yoga and Ayurveda by David Frawley to arrive.  Maybe once I do some extended reading I’ll be a little more open to the whole thing. 

Another questionnaire; this time judging our mental constitution.  In Ayurveda and yoga, three guns are employed to determine your mental/spiritual nature; Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. 
  • Sattva is essentially the ideal; vegetarian, no drugs/alcohol, good control of senses, low sexual activity, selfless, clean, etc, etc. 
  • Rajas is more fiery and pretty much stands as the middle ground into which most of us fall; eats some meat, occasionally indulges in alcohol/stimulants, moderate need for sleep, works for personal goals, variable will power, etc. 
  • Tamas is the extreme end of the scale; heavy meat diet, frequently indulges in alcohol/stimulates, high need for sleep, weak control of senses, lazy, frequently violent, neve content, etc. 

As I say, I’m not going to take a questionnaire too seriously, but I will admit that I had more ticks in the Tamas column than the Sattva.  We can’t all be saints… But falling mostly in the middle (Rajasic) is, according to Frawley, the ‘main spiritual state in our active and outgoing culture today’.   After I had revealed by results, our teacher smiled and said, “Hmmm… a Vata Rajasic tendency….very fiery.”

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