Monday, 4 March 2013

When you teach yoga and nanny small children, you don't have much use for public holidays.  When you're self-employed you definitely don't have much use for public holidays.  I was teaching in the evening so I assumed that everyone else would be working too.  This is why I didn't even realise today was a public holiday until The Cool Room Facebook page announced that the cafe would be open for today's holiday.  Excellent.  I LOVE this place. I'm not sure if it's the good food, or the good coffee, or the plastic grass that I can't get enough of, but I'd go every day if they were open every day.  

I will use any excuse to get out to breakfast so told my dad it was my turn to buy and he was in the car and ready to go faster than I knew he was actually capable of moving.  A Dark Star flat white and salmon with avocado and beetroot relish extravaganza later, I was wishing that every Monday was a public holiday.  

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