Friday, 17 May 2013

I’ve been covering a whole lot of classes for other teachers this week and that included three 6 am starts on the other side of town.  This is a bit of a challenge for me as it is (I am NOT a morning person), but then I also have to wait two and a half hours until the next class.  With morning traffic being particularly bad between my house and South Perth, it’s too far to drive home and come back without going crazy so it’s just an excuse for me to go out for breakfast.  I know, first-world problems. 

Halo Espresso is known for its coffee but I thought it was pretty rubbish, actually, although they do make a really nice bircher muesli (*hands up in surrender, stepping away from the orange pancakes*).  I’ll probably go back because it’s open on a Monday when not much else is, but no more weak coffee.

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Gusto Food food rocks.  So does their coffee.  You don’t know what you’re missing out on until you’ve had their house-made crumpets.  They are orgasmic.  Seriously orgasmic.  Their coffee’s pretty good too.   The menu’s as long as their arm and if they were open every day, I’d go every day. 

I was so excited I completely forgot to take a photo before I took the first bite...

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Atomic Espresso gets a lot of flack.  They deserve it.  I officially had the worst coffee of the year at Atomic.  Their bircher muesli (I’m having serious cravings this week) was fine but a bit bland.  For the price, you certainly got your money’s worth as far as size was concerned, but I didn’t eat half of it anyway.  I'm not going back.  My coffee sensibilities couldn’t bear it. 

Atomic Espresso on Urbanspoon

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