Friday, 20 September 2013

A very good friend of mine is moving to South Korea in just over a week.  As you do.... I'm trying to spend as much time with her as I can before she and her family leave and this morning we ventured into the urban garden oasis that is City Farm Cafe in East Perth.  
This place is an awesome escape right in the middle of the city where you can relax in the cafe, admire the garden and chickens and landscaping, or buy the vegetables they grow there.  
After a super early, super exhausting morning of teaching and braving the hell that is Perth public transport to venture into the city, I needed protein and I needed a strong coffee.  The coffee was a little bit too strong (they did make it for me again without complaint), but my boiled eggs served in a slice of carton with toast, dukkah and a side serve of mashed avocado with lemon hit the spot.  My girlfriend loved her poached egg on crushed avocado too.  

If you have little ones, it's a great place to attempt to tether them to the table for as long as possible before letting them roam free in the garden.  City escapist heaven.  

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