Saturday, 21 December 2013

Last weekend, on the journey to meet a girlfriend for breakfast, I sailed past a new café on South Terrace in South Fremantle and was completely bewildered that I hadn’t known it was opening – unlike half of the residents of South Fremantle who appeared to be spilling out onto the street. 
Di Bella Roasting Warehouse is where Fremantle Chocolate Factory used to be before it moved into town. 

I say this frequently about new cafes opening in the Fremantle surrounds, but I’ve decided I may just move in to a house next door so I can go every day.  It’s rare for me to have to choose from a dozen options on the menu, but I did want to order everything.  Parmesan and Pumpkin fritters with poached eggs and a cucumber salad won, along with a watermelon, strawberry and cucumber juice.  It was so good I almost finished the whole giant plate.  My lunch date is getting married next weekend so she opted for the chicken salad to ‘be good’.  For a boring old chicken salad option, that also looked pretty fantastic too. 

I’ll be back for the pancakes.  And the coffee cured salmon.  And the fifty million types of coffee available.  

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