Monday, 17 March 2014 
I abandoned human biology studies before my final year of high school.  In Western Australia, you need to sit at least four tertiary entrance exams to apply for university, but a lot of kids do five or six to improve their chances of achieving their best final score.  I dropped down from six to five at the end of Year 11, and human biology was the subject that got the chop.  How I figured Ancient History would be more valuable to me in later life than human biology, I don’t know; and although I can proudly say that I can still list Julius Caesar’s Roman agriculture reforms by memory, I severely regretted giving up human biology when I was doing my yoga teaching training. 

In short, I would not have survived the two day mammoth brain crunch of Semperviva’s 10 hour human anatomy weekend if it weren’t for Kreg Weiss.  Kreg Weiss and about two pounds of Whole Foods wine gums.  It takes a lot of brains and a lot of wit to keep 40+ yoga teacher training students awake and engaged for an entire weekend of sitting on the floor and staring at diagrams of muscles and bones. 

Kreg is a yogi/kinesiologist mastermind and brought us My Yoga Online.  That’s right, you are able to watch videos by some of the most amazing yoga teachers in the world from the comfort of your home thanks in part to Kreg.  He is also the guy I point out to every man I come across who is umming and ahhhing about yoga and is slightly worried that Downward Dog is just for girls.  Any of Kreg’s awesome videos on My Yoga are enough to remind any doubter that guys who do yoga are really freakin’ cool. 

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