Saturday, 14 June 2014

Another Kind of Sunrise has been on my ‘to do’ list for some time.  I’m embarrassed to say that it stayed on the ‘to do’ list for so long, in part, because I couldn’t find it.  One night, standing outside the Tasting Kitchen, I saw the sign for Another Kind hanging from a post and realised, finally, that it was one of a collection of pop up stores at the back of an old house on Abbot Kinney. 

Deciding that it was finally time, I walked up to Abbot Kinney, sidled down the tiny alley to the tiny open kitchen that is Another Kind of Sunrise.  They specialise in simple handmade, natural, cereal-based food (granola, muesli, muffins etc) and are famous for their butter coffee – literally fresh brewed coffee blended with ghee and coconut oil.  As I sat by the counter, waiting for my Acai bowl, a half dozen patrons wandered in, exclaimed that they had been persuaded to try this butter brew by a local shop owner who had waxed lyrical about Another Kind. 

I decided against the coffee as it was about 100 degrees, but my Acai bowl was better than any I’ve had in a long time – they’re so often sickly sweet sorbet muck that’s come from the ice cream aisle at the supermarket, but this was a fresh and creamy blend of acai berries , cashews and coconut milk, topped with berries, banana and a very big scoop of 'paleo' granola (so basically just nuts).  Delicious and ridiculously filling. 

My only complaint would be that there’s virtually nowhere to sit in the shade and when the sun’s high it’s incredibly hot for those who want to sit in the alley and enjoy their acai goodness.  Get it on the go or jump into the dog fight for the single bench in the shade. 

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