Monday, 16 June 2014

I’m obsessed with plantains.  Obsessed.  I see them on a menu and order them instantly.  So I saw the menu for Sage, picked out the first dish I saw featuring plantains, and raced there as quickly as I could.  The Mar Vista/Culver City border isn’t exactly the prettiest part of LA, but if you’re sitting outside at Sage in the middle of the day, sheltering in the shade and sipping on home-made lemonade, it’s easy to pretend you’re in a garden oasis away from the urban sprawl. 

I ordered the Brazilian bowl – quinoa, black beans, kale, avocado AND guacamole, salsa and big slabs of pan-fried plantains.  In a moment of insanity I ate too much and didn’t leave enough room for Kind Kreme ice cream.  Obviously I just need to go back for a vegan ice cream date.  

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