Sunday, 13 July 2014

One of my favourite weekend expeditions is some early morning exercise before a big brunch.  I’m not sure whether the exercise encourages the idea of brunch, or the brunch is supposed to be negated by the exercise, but I don’t think it really matters. 

After a hike in Will Rogers Park yesterday morning, a girlfriend and I decided to try out the Farm Shop in Brentwood.  It’s part of the Brentwood Country Mart and a word to the wise, the take parking very seriously here – you will be interrogated about your destination as you drive into the lot and you will most likely be given wild waving hand gestures meant as direction when you reverse out of  your space as you leave. 

Farm Shop is my idea of heaven – a restaurant/bar attached to a beautiful little gourmet deli.  Everything’s ridiculously expensive and it’s the type of place you scope out potential rich husbands based on their decision to do all of their grocery shopping in this little slice of paradise.  However, when confronted by a mountain of cheese upon entering a room, I find it impossible to say no to opening my wallet. 

The breakfast menu here is fabulous – a large selection of something for everything with both small and large plates.  It’s not cheap, but having had breakfast in Brentwood the day before, my meal at Farm Shop was only about $5 more expensive and 50 times better.  After much wailing and gnashing of teeth trying to decide what to order, I finally had the salmon rilletes which was amazing and my brunch buddy had the very immaculately presented frittata.  Eyeing off the dishes of everyone else at our communal table, I need to go back and try the pastrami, and the French toast, and the steak and eggs, and the pecan cinnamon bun…etc, etc, etc. 

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