Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I’d been in LA for three weeks before I was subjected to my first ascent of Temescal Canyon.  After a Saturday night of heavy drinking, I blearily decided to keep my promise to hike Sunday morning with two new LA friends.  Half way up, my girlfriend Amy and I were pausing on rocky ledges pretending to pick out our dream multi-million beach house in an attempt to mask our exhaustion.  I love a good hike – really, I do.  But there’s a difference between hiking and torture – with an emphasis on the torture when we finally got to the top of the canyon to discover a fitness group doing their celebratory ‘booty dance’ to incredibly loud, incredibly offensive rap music. 

Straight away, I started a search for less torturous hiking adventures in Los Angeles, of which apparently there are a million.  I recently moved nearby and decided to give Will Rogers Park a visit.  Apart from the exorbitant $12 entry fee to park in the car park, this is the perfect location for a gentle hike that still has great views of LA.  The Inspiration Point Trail is only 2.25 miles long with 325 feet of elevation gain, so you won’t feel like you’re climbing a million office block stairs on your way to a great view of Santa Monica. 

If you don’t fancy a hike, head to the stables instead or lounge on the grass out the front of Will Rogers’ lodge.  No lawn sports though. 

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