Tuesday, 26 August 2014

(via What Should I Eat For Breakfast)
I had a crush on food long before I had a crush on yoga, and so I've been reading food blogs for years.  One of my current favourites is the oh-so-beautiful What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today by Polish writer and photographer Marta Greber.  Seriously, even if you've never cooked anything more complicated a piece of toast, you need to check out this site for the beautiful photography alone.  

(via What Should I Eat for Breakfast)
Her premise seems to be simple - breakfast is fabulous, so take time to eat it and enjoy it.  Her Clafoutis with Cocoa and Berries is a particular favourite of mine.  Go take a look at the site, or follow her fabulous photos on Pinterest.  

(via What Should I Eat For Breakfast)

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