Thursday, 25 September 2014

Do Americans not use the expression ‘sickly sweet’?  Apparently not.  When I explained to the waitress at Rawvolution that my iced latte was too sickly sweet to drink, she looked strangely alarmed.  “Sickly sweet?  What does that mean?”  I explained that it was far too sweet.  I guessed at the time that was sweetened with Stevia which I loathe with a passion (I looked up the Longevity recipe later and realised that it was made with seven drops of the evil stuff) and couldn’t bear to drink it.  When she realised that I didn’t mean the coffee had made me want to puke, the waitress looked relieved and offered to take it off the bill. 

In a desperate attempt to be healthy, I had gone to Simply Raw in Santa Monica to find breakfast, only to discover that it was closed ‘until further notice’.  Rawvolution was the next best option and so traipsed back down Main to indulge in an Apple and AB sandwich. 

The only question I have is, how is anyone supposed to eat this without being completed saturated in syrup.  Picking it up with your hands is a messy adventure and you’re sure to get it all over yourself and the ipad you’re trying to read a book on.  Tackling it with a knife and fork is also a chore as the apple bread is not easily cut.  Delicious, but a very sticky, messy adventure.  

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