Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Last week I attended the class of a colleague of mine and she told everyone that they should take a restorative class with me because my Australian accent makes the experience all the more relaxing.  Ha!  I’m not sure about that, as I try not to talk too much in a restorative or yin class, but I appreciated the compliment as such classes are not my natural forte.  I lean towards vinyasa and physically challenging classes in general because I have the attention span of a gnat, and I spend most of a restorative class reminding students that it’s a challenge to remain still, mostly for my own benefit rather than their own!   

A lot of yin and restorative classes I’ve been to over the years have included a soundtrack of repetitive bells, cymbals, sitar and chirping insect noises.  Over an hour of repetitive chimes and bells seems to generate a savage itch in my brain so I lean towards so rock, blues and folk for my restorative and yin classes.  A lot of this list is from a compilation made for me by a girlfriend who hoped it would help me sleep.  It didn’t really help me sleep, but with the lights low and a dozen yogis propped up on bolsters and blocks around the room, it does seem pretty relaxing to me.  

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