Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sol Seppy
When I go to another yoga teacher’s class for the first time, and really, really don’t enjoy that class, I still try to find something positive to take away from it.  Sometimes, this is very, very hard.  Take last week, for example – I went to a class in Santa Monica and for the majority of that class, wished that I had not bothered.  Battling through the whole painful, hideous hour, I focused on stealing the teacher’s playlist, ferreting away a few tracks at the back of my brain to play once I was free and home again.  The class was truly, truly awful but I came away having at least discovered Sol Seppy and The National. 

The origins of this playlist have been tumbling around for over a year now.  I’ve butchered and stripped it repeatedly, and now there’s really only three songs remaining from the original list of songs.  So, I guess maybe it’s really a new playlist?

Any Other Name – Michael Newman
Pretty Lights – Finally Moving
Gobbledigook – Sigur Ros
Honey – Moby
All in Forms – Bonobo
Cheetan Jeevan – Nitin Sawhney
Sorrow – The National
Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth… - Primitive Radio Gods
Blood – The Middle East
In the Waiting Line – Zero 7
Just Breathe – Pearl Jam
Fool of Me – Say Lou Lou Feat. Chet Faker
Pyro (Gan Juan Remix) – Kings of Leon
Us Against the World – Coldplay
Enter One – Sol Seppy

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