Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Until recently, I had a rather distinct distrust of any man with a beard.  What is he hiding under there?  Is he a spy working amidst covert operations for a secret foreign government agency?   How do you kiss a man with a beard?  Is the beard a particular style choice, or is he just lazy?  My father never had a beard – maybe that’s why I didn’t have a chance to bond with facial hair earlier. 

Since I moved to the Venice Beach area, however, beards have become an every-day part of my life.  Everyone here has a beard.  I think I might even like them on some guys.  I definitely have a massive crush on Chet Faker and his ginormous beard, so that could be it.  I just want to crawl inside and live there. 

So, a couple of Chet Faker numbers on the latest Power list.  I recently bought his latest album and have been playing it on constant repeat.  If my students mind, they haven’t said anything. 

Settle Down – Kimbra
Sleepyhead – Passion Pit
Pistol of Fire (Mark Ronson Remix) – Kings of Leon
Need Your Love – The Temper Trap
Recover – Chvrches
Train – Goldfrapp
Take My Hand – Dido
Cigarettes & Loneliness – Chet Faker
Youth – Daughter
Gold – Chet Faker
The Keeper – Bonobo
Exchange – Massive Attack
Goodan Daginn – Sigur Ros

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