Tuesday, 24 March 2015

I'm Australian.  We don't do brunch.  We do breakfast.  We get up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning, get to the beach before all available parking spots disappear, and then rush to the nearest cafe for breakfast before the line to be seated is so long you expire in the sun long before you get a coffee.  In Los Angeles, a lot of restaurants and cafes don't even open for weekend brunch before 11 am; the menu consists of a combination of breakfast and lunch options, and you're as likely to indulge in a mimosa as a coffee.  So, lining up for brunch at midday is not unusual in any way, but when a girlfriend and wandered down to Courtyard Kitchen after morning yoga, we were famished and spent 40 minutes longing for our brunch.

I've been to the Courtyard before and it's a sweet little place with a good menu which is a little cheaper than other options near by.  We had the Ratatouille Eggs and Tale of Two Green Eggs (my girlfriend didn't even look at the menu, she's obsessed with this one dish) and they couldn't come fast enough.

I've been having this savory vs. sweet conundrum for a few weeks now when I go to brunch. I spend forever trying to decide which I want and then ultimately always want the option I didn't choose.  I'm definitely having pancakes next time.

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