Saturday, 6 June 2015

via La Tartine Gourmande
I started reading food blogs close to 10 years ago.  I’ve been reading La Tartine Gourmande for the majority of that time.  That’s because Béatrice Peltre is fabulous.  A French food writer, stylist and photographer, she is based in Boston and has been making the internet foodie contingency salivate over their computer/tablet/phone screens for a number of years.  

via La Tartine Gourmande

Her focus is very much on homemade food, created from scratch with an emphasis on wholefoods and healthy living with a French influence.  But ultimately, despite her lovely recipes, the photography is the star of her site.  Seriously, the photographs are incredible.  Go see, be transported, and run to your nearest farmers’ market as soon as you can to start making her recipes with the freshest ingredients possible.  

via La Tartine Gourmande

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