Sunday, 3 April 2016

I used to go hiking often with a girlfriend who, for the purpose of this post, we will refer to as THE PUNISHER. She loved doing the super-hard hikes in Los Angeles, like Paseo Miramar and Los Leones. She would storm on, fit as a fiddle, while I dragged behind calling out the usual complaints; “Are we there yet?”, or “I have a stitch! I’m dying!”, or even “You promised me lobster mac and cheese! When is this happening?!” 

Since THE PUNISHER moved back to London, my hiking schedule has fallen somewhat by the wayside and I have been trying recently to get back into the habit of heading out onto a trail a couple of times a week. Now that I have the shared responsibility of a very large, black and fluffy fur child, I have become interested in checking out as many dog-friendly hikes in LA as I can. This week’s new adventure was the East Sepulveda Fire Road (I know, super-sexy name) in Getty View Park which runs alongside the 405 as you head north into the Valley. 

This is a great hike for Angelenos who, like me, love the idea of hiking but resent the possibility of dying of dehydration and savage cramps on a lonely path in the Santa Monica Mountains. Three miles to the end of the trail and back, it’s a pretty easy hike to do in less than an hour, but it inclines enough all the way to the end that you’ll definitely get your sweat on if you’re not an Olympic athlete – or a Border Collie. 

Said fur baby loved this one because it’s currently covered in spring wild flowers and there are plenty of rocky outlooks to perch upon and sniff the wind. For humans, the hike has a great view of the Getty Centre and the ocean, as well as the Mountain Gate Country Club and a number of pretty amazing Bel Air mansions. It’s also really easy to get to – if you think that driving along the 405 constitutes an easy drive. Simply take the turn off the 405 at Moraga (just before the Getty if you’re driving north) and follow a short, winding road up the hill where there is a lot of free and unrestricted residential parking during the week – I’m guessing during the weekend you may have to compete a little more with residents and their guests.

Check out the Hikespeak page for more info and instructions. Take your fur baby, if you have one. 

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