Saturday, 10 September 2016

This time a year ago, I was teaching up to 15 yoga classes a week. I was regularly at six different studios. If I’d stopped to consider this, it would have been surprising to me. I never, ever considered being a yoga teacher full time, long term. It was a temporary thing, something to get me by.

Three and a half years after I qualified as a yoga teacher, I am currently teaching two classes a week. I recently gave up the last of my studio classes and I have to admit it was a relief – I was tired. I have taken on a masters and an internship whilst in the midst of planning to get married. Something had to give, and when I give up the majority of my yoga classes, I knew immediately that I had done the right thing. The anxiety I had piled upon myself by overfilling my plate was instantly gone.

I probably should have stepped back from teaching some time ago, but I had become very attached to my students. When I let go of my teaching commitments, my main concern was not missing teaching yoga but losing the relationships I had built with the yogis who came to my classes on a regular basis. That was a tough sacrifice. Ultimately, however, I know full well that they will have a great experience practicing yoga with another teacher and just because I’m moving on to do other things with my life doesn’t mean that I’m abandoning them. And of course now I’ll have time to actually take and enjoy yoga classes for myself – when I’m not reading the twenty books I have to get through in first semester of my masters.

I’ll still be on the mat, just in another incarnation.

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  1. Namaste
    Totally understand this blog. Up until end of last year I had been teaching only 6 classes per week on top of full time job (to pay bills here)Mum became very ill start of 2017 + was on my knees juggling it all.2018 needed to be out me focus to restore and rebalance. Was so upset to follow through on decision to stop last classes, was questioning was I over identifying with teacher role etc. Similar to above in your blog, we make deep connections. Hope you are enjoying your new incarnation
    Om Shanti
    Hari xxx


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